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Electric Chain Hoists
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EC Electric Chain Hoist
Trolley Suspension
 > Product Code ECMT-6010 
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Product Code ECMT-6010, Coffing EC Electric Chain Hoist ,Motorized Trolley


Product Image Coffing EC

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COFFING ECT, ECGT, and ECMT Models - Plain, geared and motorized trolley suspensions with all the features of basic EC models for added flexibility in a variety of applications.

• PLAIN TROLLEY - For manual positioning of hoist and load.
• GEARED TROLLEY - For more precise positioning of hoist and load. Standard hand chain drop is 2-feet less than lift.
• MOTORIZED TROLLEY - For faster positioning of hoist and load over longer distances. 35 or 75 FPM speeds standard with optional speeds of 18, 24, 50, 100, and 150 FPM.
• VOLTAGES - 115/230, 208 - single phase; 230/460, 208, 220/380, 575 - three phase. 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available.
• TWO-SPEED MOTORIZED TROLLEY MODELS - Optional with 3 to 1 speed ratio, three-phase, single voltage only.
• WRAP-AROUND SIDE PLATES - Act as safety lugs and as bumpers to protect wheels. Available to fit American Standard I-Beams, wideflange, and patented track beams. Specify track type and beam size.
• PRECISION TROLLEY WHEELS - Machined, cast iron wheels with sealed, lifetime lubricated ball bearings for extended trolley life.Motorized trolley wheels heat treated for added durability. Bronzeand stainless steel wheels optional.
• TWO TROLLEY DESIGNS - 4-wheel design on 1/4 - 3 ton negotiates 48” minimum radius curve, including patented track applications. 8-wheel design on 4 and 5 ton reduces beam flange stress.
• ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS - Full line available to meet a variety of applications.

Metric rated option available. S = Small frame hoist, parallel mounted, single or three phase. L = Large frame hoist, cross mounted, three phase only. P = Parallel mount, standard on small frame hoists. C = Cross mount, standard on large frame hoists. 4 & 5 ton straight track only. Articulated model for 48” min. radius curved track available consult rep.

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Net Weight (lbs)




Frame Size


Trolley Mount


Flange Width (in.)

3.332 - 7


Available for Order


3 t
6000 lb


26.625 Inch

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