300 Lb./140Kg Air Manipulator Hoist

The CM TMM-140 is ideal for workstation applications. Lightweight and portable, the unit weighs less than 20 pounds and operates at 100% (A5) duty cycle.
  • Smooth operator - Efficient rotary vane motor provides high uniform torque for quick response, and smooth, quiet operation.
  • Easy to use - Handle-mounted pendant control for one-handed operation and load positioning.
  • Variable speeds - Precise and infinite speed control for accurate load spotting.
  • Wire rope design - Self-winding lifting cable stores conveniently inside unit.
  • Suspension - Swivel top and bottom hooks with hook latches standard, for portability and quick installation.
  • Disc brake - Secures load and eliminates drift when pendant is released.
  • Note - A 3/8" NPT air filter-regulatorlubricator is needed for effective operation. Spark resistant features are not available.
Ideal Applications Include:
  • Assembly lines
  • Machine shops
  • Cleaning and/or dipping operations
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Power generating stations
  • Shipping departments
  • Chemical facilities
  • Fabricating shops
  • Repetitive lifting applications
  • Auto and truck repair
  • Handling fixtures and dies
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Product Code



Net Weight (lbs)


Lift Spds (FPM) Load (up)

Lift Spds (FPM) Load (down)

Lift Spds (FPM) No Load (up)

Lift Spds (FPM) No Load (down)


Standard Lift


17050W N/A Cm Tmm-140 Manipulator $2,036.76 N/A 18.7 N/A 70-95 N/A 36 N/A 59 N/A 49 N/A 39 N/A 0.15 t N/A 78 ft N/A 22.750 Inch
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