The DataLogger Series 3 is a microprocessor controlled, flash memory, drive recording device that allows you to easily access the Run, Alarm and Fault histories of Magnetek's IMPULSE.G+/VG+ Series 2 and Series 3 drives.The improved DataLogger is easier to use and offers expanded memory.

Records Important Drive Diagnostics
The new DataLogger was designed to include even more memory to log:
Last 1400 Run events
Last 200 Alarm events
Last 200 Fault events

The DataLogger stores:
Alarm and Fault history
Trace function for viewing drive data that lead to the Alarm/Fault condition
Five parameter sets. The parameters can be uploaded, stored and downloaded into drives of the same model and control method.

The DataLogger is powered by the inverter's 5 VDC internal supply when logging data, or through the USB port when connected to the PC.

Easy To Use
This user-friendly device is now more compact, and simply plugs into the keypad pocket of the IMPULSE Series 3 drive or is connected by cable to the Series 2 drive. All data acquisition is automatic. Data viewing and analysis is available via the new LCD scrolling display, or by downloading and viewing on your PC with DataPulse Series 3 Software. No docking station is needed for connection to the PC-just plug it into your USB port.

The DataLogger System consists of four components:
DataLogger device
USB Cable for PC Communication
DataPulseT Series 3 Software
Serial Cable for Series 2 Connection

DataLogger with DataPulse Series 3 Software Supports:
IMPULSE.G+/VG+ Series 3
IMPULSE.G+/VG+ Series 2
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