Our IMPULSE Link 4.1 Basic is a Windows-based interactive drive software, which allows you to upload, download and monitor parameters to maximize the efficiency of your drive. It's your 1-to-1 link between your PC and your IMPULSE drives.

Monitor Drive Parameters From Your PC:
Upload and download drive parameters
Modify drive parameters
Save or create new parameter files
Program from a keypad display on your PC
View and print detailed or compact drive parameters
View complete parameter descriptions
Monitor parameters and drive status
Compare drive parameters
Display all parameters that are not factory default

IMPULSE-Link 4.1 Basic is faster and easier to navigate than 4.0 and includes these additional features:
Copy & Paste feature
Drag & Drop feature
Improved troubleshooting through HELP menus

IMPULSE Link 4.1 Basic Software Supports:

IMPULSE-G+ Series 3
IMPULSE-VG+ Series 3
IMPULSE-G+ Series 2
IMPULSE-VG+ Series 2
OmniPulse DDC
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