• Product Image Chester AM Hook Type

    Chester Model AM manual chain hoists are designed to be cost efficient, lightweight, portable and versatile. With durable steel frames, steel covers and heat treated load bearing components the AM hoist is ideal for standard industrial duty or standby maintenance. Models are available from 1/4 to 5 metric tons with lifts up to 30 feet.

  • Product Image Chester Zephyr Hook Type

    Chester Zephyr steel framed hook suspended hoists are designed, built and tested to rigid specifications of quality and performance, to exceed industry standards. The Chester Zephyr is a thoroughly engineered hoist from every standpoint. With available capacities from 1/4 through 25 ton, its simplicity of design makes it easy to service and maintain.

    Available options include: Spark Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Features - Note additional cost may apply.

  • Product Image Chester Swivel Truck

    The Zephyr Swivel Truck Low Headroom Trolley Hoist maintains the absolute minimum distance between the bottom of the runway beam and the hook saddle in the uppermost position. They are available in 1/4 through 6 ton capacities with either plain or hand geared trolleys. These hoists combine the advantages of the Chester swivel truck trolley design with compact construction without sacrificing any essentials of ruggedness.

  • Product Image Chester Low Headroom trolley

    The Chester Zephyr Low Headroom Chain Hoist is designed for very limited head room applications, where other hoists cannot be used. The Low Headroom Hoist is custom built to fit a specific beam and can be built to suite patented tracks, I-Beams, Wide Flange beams or almost any other type of runway.

  • Product Image Chester Twin Hook

    The Chester Zephyr Twin Hook Hoist drives two separate load chains at the same time, from a single hand chain. It is designed to lift long and bulky loads easily and evenly. The hoist incorporates the heavy duty components common to our Zephyr product line. Standard hook spacing is 36 inches but more or less spacing is available. As with all our products each hoist is custom built to meet your specific requirements.

  • Product Image Chester Extended Handwheel

    The Chester Zephyr Extended Handwheel hoist is operated at a distance from the load, protecting the load from contact with the hand chain and making it easier to handle large, flat or bulky loads. Capacities from 1/2 to 2 tons are standard but consult our experts for higher capacities. The standard extension is 36 inches but more or less extension is available to meet your specific application. These units feature the same heavy duty components common to our Zephyr product line.

  • Product Image CHESTER AM ARMY TYPE

    Chester's Model AM Army Type Hoist provides an ideal combination of light weight construction and versatility in an economically priced army type manual chain hoist. With capacities from 1/4 to 5 tons, the beam mounted AM trolley hoist is compact and built to last under a variety of standard industrial and maintenance duty applications. With Chester's legendary designed-in strength, reliability and durability, each model AM hoist is made in America and designed and tested to the requirements of the ANSI B30.16 specification.

  • Product Image Chester Zephyr Army Type

    The Chester Zephyr Army Type Hoist consists of the standard Zephyr Hoist mechanism and an integral trolley which minimizes headroom when compared to a hoist suspended from a standard trolley. These hoists incorporate the heavy duty components common to our Zephyr product line.

    Available options include: Spark Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Features - Note additional cost may apply.