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    The AIST-NEMA rated mill duty brakes are designed for heavy-duty steel mill and other harsh environments and applications which require high integrity products.

    The advanced design features, combined with fabricated steel construction, makes this range of brakes suitable for applications requiring reliable braking with the minimum of maintenance and downtime. Applications include steel mills, stacker reclaimers, shiploaders, port cranes, shipyard cranes, offshore drilling rigs, missile assembly cranes, incinerator cranes and large gantry cranes.

    300M RANGE
    5" - 30" diameter10 - 11,000 lb. ft. torqueAC, DC, hydraulicExplosion proofAIST drop-in designs

    TYPE "MBE" - DC MAGNETSpring - applied and electromagnetic releaseReplaceable magnet coilsClass F insulationShunt: 12V through 350V DCSeries: 5A through 1400A

    MBE Options:
    Auto-adjuster for lining wearForcing rectifier (fast response for crane hoists, etc.)Constant potential rectifiers (for crane bridges/trolleys)Terminal box rectifiersClass H insulationNitride Corrosion Protection

    TYPE "MBT" - 3 PH. AC AND DC
    Fast response - standard units 2000 cycles per hourSpring applied and electrically releasedContinuously or intermittently rated, Service < 40┬░CClass F insulationAC Supplies: 230-460-575/3Ph/50-60 HzDC Supplies: 250V

    MBT Options:
    Auto-adjuster for lining wearAdjustable external torque spring with calibrated indicatorExternally adjustable, stepless time delays in both directions (set and release)Braketronic ControllerNitride Corrosion ProtectionLatching hand releaseUp to 3 limit switches to indicate brake positionAvailable in vertical design - NEW!Thruster is mounted above the brakewheelFits in tight spaces

    Hydraulically-applied and spring releasedPedal operation - One (1) or Two (2) Brakes

    MBM Options:
    Remote bleedingNitride Corrosion Protection

    Types "MBT" and "MBE can be fitted with Pedal or Power assisted hydraulic over-ride to produce a dual-purpose brake. This hybrid brake is useful for EOT bridges, gantry cranes and similar applications where dual control and/or emergency stopping and parking are required.

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    We stock and sell a large variety of electrical crane and hoist components.

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    Yale Y80 Series hoists are available in two basic models: single reeved and true vertical lift, with either air or electric power. The heavy-duty wire rope and drum-type hoist line has a steel mounting lug integral with the one-piece welded frame, and is designed for stationary mounting from an overhead structure, or with any of our monorail trolley options. Standard features of this rugged hoist line include a heavy welded steel frame, powerful drive motor, totally enclosed oil-bath lubricated drive train, and dual brake reliability.

    Available options include: Spark Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, & Explosion Proof Features - Note: Additional costs may apply.

    Yale® Y80 Series wire rope hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application of up to five tons. Their modular design and versatility provide a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoisting speeds, and control options, making it possible to select the most efficient hoist for the job without wasted capacity or overkill. The compact design and closer end approaches of the standard Y80 Series hoist allows an unusually high hook lift, as compared to many so-called low headroom hoists, without resorting to design compromises. Y80 Series hoists maximize hook coverage within an existing facility, reducing or eliminating the need for costly rebuilding or remodeling.

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    The Perfect Shop Hoist - Easy to Use, H4 Duty

    • 250 - 1000 Lbs.
    The SLM is about 12" in length and weighs less than 35 lbs.

    Easy to Use
    • Small, compact design - commercial & industrial applications.
    • Lightweight and portable. Easy installation and maintenance.
    • H4 duty cycle (300 motor starts/hour).
    • Made in U.S.A.
    Special Model Features
    • Friction-type overload device prevents lifting excessive overloads.
    • 10-pocket oblique lay liftwheel provides longer chain life and extended service.
    • NEMA 4 industrial-rated pendant control.
    • Lifetime, grease-lubricated gear train-less maintenance.
    • Alloy load chain (zinc plated optional).
    • Thermally protected motor prevents damage from possible overheating.
    • D.C. braking system for positive load control.
    • Durability - Epoxy powder-coat finish on rugged cast aluminum alloy frame.

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    Available options include: Spark Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, & Explosion Proof Features - Note additional cost may apply.

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  • Product Image Yale Cable King Electric Wire Rope Hoist