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    Capacities available up to 10 Tons

    Save time and money during shutdowns! Increase your material handling capacity with this electrically operated telescoping jib crane that is nuclear rated for containment buildings(10CFR50 Appendix B Compliant).

    This revolutionary crane will enable you to perform additional outage tasks to save significant time and money. You can even use this jib crane to service your polar crane.

    The modular design allows installation in existing facilities. American Crane's experienced staff will assist with planning, installation and start-up. In most cases the crane will pay for itself in one outage!

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    Our jib cranes are manufactured to the stringent quality requirements and standards set by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) in duty classes "A" through "F" and are also factory tested prior to shipment.

    American Crane's Custom Jib cranes include:

    • Capacities up to 50 Tons
    • Customized for your application.
    We design and fabricate jib cranes with slewing bearing for specific applications.

    Our jib cranes also include:
    • Free standing jib cranes
    • Wall jib cranes
    • American crane nuclear telescope outage jib cranes
    • Jib crane accessories
    Our jib cranes have been used in the marine industry and for explosion proof and hazardous environments. Our jib cranes can also be used in a wide variety of other industries ranging from Aerospace to Construction, and waste management to food and beverage.

    American Crane can fabricate and design the most reliable jib cranes for your project. American Crane & Equipment Corporation is recognized as one of the leading custom crane & material handling manufacturers in the world. Our jib cranes and custom engineered equipment routinely operates in many unique applications.

    In addition, we can supply you with jib cranes from the well-known brand names of Gorbel & Abell-Howe.

    From complex custom equipment to standard equipment, components and parts, American Crane can meet all your material handling needs. American Crane can manufacture new equipment or rebuild your existing equipment. We can provide pre-engineered industrial cranes and hoists and a full line of custom cranes and hoists to meet each customer's specific application.

    Contact us today to find a solution that works for you!

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    50 lbs to 5 Tons

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  • Drawing 3470
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  • Drawing 1/4 Ton Gorbel Mast-Jib Cranes MT400, MT450

    Capacity 1/4 Ton to 5 Ton

  • Drawing 1/4 Ton Gorbel FS300 - Base Plate Mounted Free Standing Jib Cranes
  • Drawing 1/4 Ton Gorbel FS300 - Base Plate Mounted Free Standing Jib Cranes
  • Drawing 1/4 Ton Gorbel FS350 - Insert Mounted Free Standing Jib Cranes
  • Drawing 1/4 Ton Gorbel FS350S - Sleeve Mounted Free Standing Jib Cranes