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    In the early 80's American Crane supplied its first remotely operated nuclear radwaste handling crane with automated computer control system and custom grapples. This technology has continued to develop.

    These early crane systems were designed with various grapples to handle drums, drum containers, DAW boxes and high integrity containers. Operation of these cranes was performed from either remote or local locations. The crane system also included redundant features in order to ensure maximum crane reliability.

    From the early 80's through today, American Crane has enjoyed a strong reputation as a specialty supplier in the remote radwaste storage field. This reputation is further enhanced with our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B / NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program.

    American Crane has supplied special purpose cranes and transport trucks to handle weapon grade material in Russia. These cranes were designed to ASME NOG-1 TYPE 1 Single Failure-Proof standards as well as applicable Russian standards.

    Similarly American Crane has supplied numerous cranes to the Hanford Site to handle spent nuclear fuel.

    American Crane's remote radwaste handling technology continues to evolve providing our customers with the latest designs to assure successful movement of these materials while minimizing ALARA concerns.

    For additional information regarding your application contact us today at 1-877-877-6778 or email our sales department.

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    American Crane can manufacture NQA-1 Nuclear Quality custom fabrications and parts specific to your requirements.

    Have a need for a custom fabrication or part that you either do not have time or expertise to design? American Crane's highly qualified engineering department can design innovative solutions that can be translated into drawings and manufactured fabrications and parts. American Crane has been required over the years to create unique design and manufacturing solutions to support our custom crane manufacturing program. This same expertise can be used to design and manufacture almost any welded fabrication or part that can be imagined. American Crane's unique custom fabricated components program includes the following capabilities:

    Use of the latest 3-D design software Fabrication and part testing capabilities

    • Quality assurance program
    • Inspection reports available, when required
    • American Crane has the experience and expertise to meet your unique requirements and to move quickly from design concept to manufacturing.
    Our manufacturing capabilities include:
    • Customization to your specific application
    • Procurement
      • Commercial grade dedication
    • Fabrication including:
      • Plasma cutting
      • Welding to AWS standards
      • Various epoxy/urethane nuclear coatings
    • Machining including:
      • Numerous CNC and manual machine tools
      • 7" horizontal boring mill with 30 foot horizontal travel and 13 foot vertical travel
    • Testing Services
      • Acceptance testing
      • Mock-up testing
      • Load testing to 2500 tons
    • Inspection Services
      • Visual weld inspection per AWS standards
      • MT, LP, UT, & RT by ASNT-TC-1A qualified technicians
      • Coating inspection
    For additional information regarding your application contact us today at 1-877-877-6778 or email our sales department.

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    As a supplier to the nuclear industry, American Crane has designed and manufactured custom equipment with special attention to the rigorous standards of nuclear quality assurance. American Crane has maintained a quality assurance program since 1996 that meets both 10CFR50, Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1 standards. Our quality program has been audited by commercial nuclear utilities, NUPIC, and DOE contractors.

    American Crane's conceptual design for single failure-proof cranes provides up to a 350 ton capacity with the ability to meet manufacturing requirements for capacities up to 1000 tons.

    Cranes, Hoists, and Specialized Lift Systems We Offer Include:

    • Single Failure-Proof Cranes (ULTRASAF™)
    • Full Range of Hoists
    • Remotely Operated Cranes and Grapples
    • Specialized Material Handling Equipment
    • Crane Upgrades and Trolley Replacements
    • Control System Modernization
    • Outage Jib Cranes
    • SAFLIFT® Cask Handling System
    • Automated and Computerized Cranes
    • Top Running, Underhung and Gantry Cranes
    • Fuel Re-Racking Equipment
    Total Project Capabilities:
    • In-House Design, Engineering, Machining and Manufacturing
    • Seismic Analysis
    • Remote Capabilities
    • 200 Ton In-House Load Test Facility
    • NQA-1 and 10-CFR-50 Appendix B Quality Program
    • Full Range of Site Services Including Installation and Outage
    • Long Term Maintenance Support
    • Spare and Replacement Parts
    • Operations and Maintenance Training
    • Equipment Upgrades and Rebuilds
    We offer custom designed solutions manufactured and engineered in-house as well as many standard "off the shelf" products. From small 1/2 ton ratchet lever hoists to 300 ton overhead cranes, we have the right equipment for your application. Contact us today to find a solution that works for you.

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    Cranes for the Next Generation of Nuclear Power Plants

    Your complete source for specialized Nuclear Material Handling Solutions for current plant needs and the next generation of nuclear power plants.

    • Reactor, Turbine and Auxiliary Building Cranes
    • Cranes to meet all New Plant Designs and capacities
    • Single Failure Proof Cranes with Outstanding Performance Histories
    • Industry Leader in STANDARDIZING Crane Upgrades for Dry Spent Fuel Storage.
    Upgrades to our equipment and OTHER OEMs
    • 10 CFR 50, APP.B & ASME NQA-1 Quality Program
    • In-house Engineering, Fabrication, Testing and Service Resources
    • Increased Staffing and Facility Expansion to meet New Generation supply needs
    For additional information regarding your application contact us today at
    1-877-877-6778 or email our sales department.

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    American Crane and Equipment offers Nuclear Plant Crane and Hoist upgrades for our Equipment OR Other OEMs.

    As nuclear power plants reach 30 or more years of life, serious consideration must be given to the upgrade of lifting equipment. Plant life extension and increased crane operational efficiencies provide the ROI justification.

    Crane upgrade advantages include:

    • Safer and more precise crane controls
    • Incorporation of modern technology
    • Decrease in maintenance and downtime costs
    • More reliable operation during required critical lifts
    American Crane can cost effectively provide key crane electrical and mechanical upgrades including:
    • New hoist flux vector and bridge/trolley frequency drive systems with variable speed controls
    • New bridge, trolley, and hoist motors
    • Radio control systems and new cab/pendant controls
    • American Crane's state-of-the-art hoist drive train diagnostics
    • PLC controls
    • New electrical panels
    • Replacement of power and control wiring
    • Collision avoidance systems
    • Zone boundary limit protection
    • Upgraded brakes
    • New limit switches and load cells
    • New festoon systems
    • New runway conductor bar systems
    Key advantages to using American Crane include:
    • In-house engineering staff to design upgrades
    • In-house shop fabrication capabilities
    • Installation technicians with nuclear plant experience
    • Crane testing experience at nuclear plants
    • 10CFR50, App. B Quality Program available
    • Fully staffed Parts and Service Departments
    American Crane and Equipment Corporation has considerable experience with the design, fabrication, licensing, installation and management necessary for upgrading your material handling equipment. We have performed numerous cask handling crane upgrades to incorporate single failure-proof hoists. These upgrades were completed in strict accordance with NUREG 0554 and 0612 and have been reviewed and approved by the NRC. Included with the typical upgrade is a complete electrical control replacement to incorporate variable frequency drive technology.

    Our company has a wide variety of past experience including the design, manufacture and installation of specialized nuclear crane systems in accordance with stringent nuclear quality requirements, including ASME/ANSI NQA-1; 10CFR50, appendix B; ASME NOG-1, Type 1; NUREG 0612 and NUREG 0554. Although our company designs and manufactures cranes to handle many different types of products, our approach to quality remains consistent, regardless of the product we are handling.

    Our experience ranges from mechanical components, electrical components, structural repair, complete new control upgrade, new single failure-proof trolley including installation.You can count on American Crane to bring your equipment into compliance with all of the latest codes and standards.

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    Capacities available up to 10 Tons

    Save time and money during shutdowns! Increase your material handling capacity with this electrically operated telescoping jib crane that is nuclear rated for containment buildings(10CFR50 Appendix B Compliant).

    This revolutionary crane will enable you to perform additional outage tasks to save significant time and money. You can even use this jib crane to service your polar crane.

    The modular design allows installation in existing facilities. American Crane's experienced staff will assist with planning, installation and start-up. In most cases the crane will pay for itself in one outage!

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    Single Failure-Proof Cranes can be built in accordance with our 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program consistent with the requirements of NUREG 0554, assuring a licensable design.

    Features Include:

    • NRC Accepted Single Failure-Proof Design
    • Single Failure-Proof Lifting System Compliant with NUREG 0554, NUREG 0612 and ASME NOG-1
    • Redundant Reeving System (Dual Load Path)
    • Redundant Hoisting Machinery
    • Triple Redundant Holding Brakes
    • Two Blocking Protection
    • Load Hang Up Protection
    • Overload Protection
    • Wire Rope Mis-Spooling Protection
    • Flux Vector Infinitely Variable Frequency Drives
    • Remote Operator Controls Minimize ALARA Concerns
    • Site Specific Seismic Design
    • Safety Related Procurement of Components
    • Design Suitable for New and Existing Facilities
    American Crane Offers:
    • Design and fabrication
    • In-house comprehensive program Quality Assurance
    • Fully assembled and completely tested equipment prior to shipment
    • Over 40 years of crane experience exceeding CMAA duty cycle requirements for typical applications
    Let us find the solution that works for you!
    For answers to your application questions:

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