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Rigging & Rigging Accessories

American Crane can provide you with rigging equipment from well-known brands such as Budgit, CM, Coffing, Chester Hoist, Gorbel, Little Mule or Yale.

Some of the rigging equipment that we carry includes products such as:
  • Rigging accessories
  • Rigging clamps
  • Rigging hoist rings
  • Rigging hooks
  • Rigging shackles
  • Rigging thimbles
  • Rigging turnbuckles
  • Rigging wire rope clips
  • Alloy chain, alloy chain slings and attachments
  • Carbon chain and attachments
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Rigging links
  • Little mule and steel rope block and Tackle
It is important for Professional riggers, maintenance workers, plant engineers and safety specialists to have safe, durable, reliable, and high quality rigging equipment to depend on for your project. Our line of rigging equipment is dependable for any project and application when it comes to lifting, pulling and securing loads for a wide variety of various environments.

Our rigging products are utilized for the secure lifting and positioning of goods in a wide variety of industries. When choosing American Crane & Equipment Corporation for your rigging equipment you are guaranteed the highest quality with reliable strength. We carry a wide range of forged shackles, hooks, rings, links wire rope clips, plate clamps and below-the-hook attachments for all of your rigging needs.

From complex custom equipment to standard equipment, components and parts, American Crane can meet all your material handling needs. American Crane can manufacture new equipment or rebuild your existing equipment. We can provide pre-engineered industrial cranes and hoists and a full line of custom cranes and hoists to meet each customer's specific application.

Contact us today to find a solution that works for you!

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Product Photo Swage Sockets Open

Product Image CG Heavy Duty Girder Clamps

Product Photo Heavy Duty Forged Hoist Ring

Rigging Accessories

Rigging Clamps

Rigging Hoist Rings

Product Image CM Eye Sling Hook with Latch

Product Image Long Reach Shackles

Product Photo Wire Rope Thimbles

Rigging Hooks

Rigging Shackles

Rigging Thimbles

Product Image Turnbuckles

Product Photo Forged Wire Rope Clips

Product Image CM_Grade_80_Herc_Alloy_800_Chain

Rigging Turnbuckles

Rigging Wire Rope Clips

Alloy Chain, Alloy Chain Slings & Attachments

Product Photo Cold Shut

Product Photo CMG Ratchet Lever Binder

Product Image CM Carbon Chain Attachments\CM_Quick_Links

Carbon Chain & Attachments

Heavy Duty Truck

Rigging Links