Budgit 6000 Series Air Chain Hoist, Hook Suspension
Unit of Measure


Parts of Chain

N/A 1

Maximum Lowering Speed

N/A 42 fpm

Dimension (B)

N/A 11/17/16 in

Dimension (Y)

N/A 9-11/16 in

Hoist Catalog Number

N/A 911641

Dimension (X)

N/A 27-13/16 in

Dimension (A)

N/A 16/1/2 in

Dimension (C)

N/A 6-5/8

Dimension (D)

N/A 2-15/16

Hoist Speed

N/A 30 fpm

Dimension (H)

N/A 7/17 in




N/A 1 US t

Net Weight

N/A 95 lb



  • Overload protection - MANGAURD overload device protects against excessive overloads... clutch also acts at upper and lower limits
  • Multi-vane rotary air motor - eight vanes provide high torque smooth operation, positive starting and excellent control
  • Internal Muffler - reduces sound level
  • Pendant control - pendant throttle handle is of the full flow design for excellent load spotting capabilities
  • Throttle valve - precision throttle valves meter the air for smooth operation

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Basic Hoist Data

Rated Loads
1,2, and 3-ton (Spark resistant models are rated at 1/2, 1 and 2-ton).

Air Pressure Recommended
90 PSI

Air Consumption
70 SCFM (full load-full speed) slow speed model;
80 SCFM (full load-full speed) fast speed model.

Pendant Control Hose
6 foot pendant hose standard for 10 foot lift hoist, longer hose assemblies up to 36 foot available.

10 foot lifts are standard. Additional lifts available.

Net Weight (Basic Hoist)
100 lbs.

Hook or lug

Air Inlet Size
3/4 NPTF

Air Supply Hose Size
3/4 I.D. min.

Available options include: Spark Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Features - Note additional cost may apply.