Cm Railstar Motor Driven Trolley
Unit of Measure


Dimension (B)

N/A 6-3/4 in

Dimension (F)

N/A 5-3/16 in

Dimension (T)

N/A 9-9/16 in


N/A 3

Dimension (A)

N/A 14-1/8 in

Dimension (C)

N/A 5-1/4

Dimension (D)

N/A 3-15/16

Dimension (K)

N/A 4-11/16

Dimension (N)

N/A 3/4 in

Dimension (E)

N/A 2-15/16

Dimension (H)

N/A 17 ft. in

Dimension (G)

N/A 6-5/16

Dimension (J)

N/A 9-15/16 in

Dimension (M)

N/A 2-15/16 in

Dimension (R)

N/A 3/4

Operating Voltage at 50 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 220 V380 to 415 V

Operating Voltage at 60 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 220 to 240 V440 to 480 V

Travel Speed at 50 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 65 fpm

Travel Speed at 60 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 78 fpm

Minimum Beam Size

N/A S18 x 18.4

Maximum Beam Size

N/A S24 x 79.9

Single Phase (L)

N/A 15-3/16

Three Phase (L)

N/A 13-7/8

Dimension (Q)

N/A 5-7/8 in

Dimension (S)

N/A 1-1/16 in




N/A 3 US t

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Lifetime lubricated double row ball bearings for high efficiency, low maintenance
  • Cast iron control enclosure
  • Four-button control station included for operating single speed hoist. Drop proportioned to 20' lift
  • 115 volt control circuit
  • Trolley guards standard
  • One-year warranty
  • Metric rated
  • Imported