Rubber Bumper M12X36 NK 71 SHORE A - Two Studs 100x80mm
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Additional Information

N/A Their properties allow a wide range of applications that helped the rubber material reach its current position in modern technology. Rubber is a composite of very different substances. Its resistances and mechanical properties can only be determined from a formula of several hundred substances. Caoutchouc as a macro-molecular material is the elastic component of the rubber. Mechanical properties such as breaking elongation, re-bound elasticity, strength, and resistance against tear propagation are determined by this component. The compound of chemicals and aggregates with the rubber and the subsequent vulcanization process produce a usable material. A multitude of possible combinations of individual materials as well as the various possible mounting methods provide an appropriate solution for each problem. The steel plates on rubber buffers are vulcanized into or onto the buffers. The threaded bolts on rubber buffers are inserted without the risk of twisting. Visible surfaces are galvanized. The vulcanization process guarantees maximum stability between the rubber and steel components.