Norheim Hoist: Top Running Trolley, 15 Ton, 4 Part Double Reeving
Unit of Measure


Other Features

N/A As a standard, the hoist is rated for the (HMI) Hoist Manufacturers Institute Class H-4 and (CMAA) Crane Manufacturers Association of America Class D duty up to 60 tons, and CMAA Class A & B 70 Ton – 160 Ton. For Class E, F, and available custom designs c

Hoist Motor Power

N/A 15 hp

Hoist Motor Speed

N/A 1800 rpm


N/A Type 18 - Top Running Trolley, Standard Profile

Hoist Speed

N/A 12 fpm


N/A 6 ft




N/A 15 US t

Standard Lift

N/A 37 ft

Swift Lifting Speed

N/A 18 fpm

Hoist Size

N/A 4



  • Hazardous Electrical Applications
  • Spark Proof Mechanical Components
  • NEMA 4X outdoor service
  • Weigh Scale Systems
  • Overload Limiters
  • Upper Power Circuit Limiters
  • Extra-Long Lifts
  • Low Profile Models
  • High or Low Temperatures
  • Secondary Drum Brake (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
  • Special Painting Systems
  • Electronic Hoist Monitoring

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A The standard control configuration for is the inverter drive a compatible motor. A hoist inverter offers optimum utilization of the motor’s output and allows very precise positioning of the load. This feature allows the lifting speed to increase for loads that weigh up to 30 percent of the rated load capacity for increased productivity. Two speed contractor control hoist motors and trolley control is available up to 20 horsepower. Standard trolley speed is 60 FPM, other speeds available. Optional control contactors for two speed control are oversized to be suitable for HMI H4 and CMAA Class D service. The control enclosures are dust tight and water resistant to prevent the ingress of foreign material and non-corrosive liquids. All wiring is in accordance with NFPA NEC Article 610.