Chester Hoist Swivel Truck Lowheadroom, Geared
Unit of Measure



N/A 6 US t

Standard Lift

N/A 8 ft

Distance from Beam to Hook Saddle Headroom

N/A 9-15/16 in

Minimum Beam Size

N/A S10" x 25.4#

Minimum Radius

N/A 48 in

Net Weight

N/A 496 lb



Chain Overhauled to Lift Load

N/A 170 ft

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A These units incorporate the same heavy duty steel components common to our Zephyr Hoist product line.

Available options include: Spark Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Features - Note additional cost may apply.

The Zephyr Swivel Truck Low Headroom Hoist can traverse tight curves without binding or scraping. Due to the hoists compact design, runways can be built closer to walls or projections. The extreme low headroom feature can be employed in existing structures or in new construction were cost savings can be realized due to lower ceiling height requirements. These hoists are also ideal for patented monorail applications where minimum headroom is required with interlocks, turntables or switches.

These hoists are adaptable to most monorail systems as well as other types of rails. Units are available with track clamps, load limiters, chain containers and an assortment of other options including spark and corrosion resistance. Contact our experts with your specific requirements.