Cm Push Type Underhung, Channel Construction Trucks
Unit of Measure


Runway Beam Flange Adjustable Range

N/A 5-1/2 to 8 in

Wheel Type

N/A Forged Steel

Maximum Wheel Load Per Pair

N/A 4240 lb

Wheel Size

N/A 4 in




N/A 3 US t

Span (L)

N/A 36 ft

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Push type kits contain:

Each kit includes one pair of end trucks and the required hardware for attaching truck frames to bridge I-Beam.

Material to be Purchased Locally:
  • One length of American Standard Section I-Beam or wide flange which must be a minimum length of 16 inches longer than the span for 3-ton bridge and 18-1/2 inches longer than the span for 5-ton bridge.
  • Four trolley stop angles must be cut to size and attached to bridge beam.