Chester Hoist Pt Trolley - Geared
Unit of Measure



N/A 8 US t

Beam Adjustment Range

N/A 4.62 to 8 in

Minimum Radius Curve

N/A 60 in

Hand Chain Reach from Beam Geared Trolley

N/A 8 ft

Shipping Weight

N/A 347 Pound



Fully Loaded Push to Move Plain Trolley

N/A 85 lb

Net Weight

N/A 6853 lb

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Heavy rolled steel side plates are shaped to give these trolley units stability and rigidity. They extend beyond the wheels to act as bumpers. Steel equalizing pins connect the two halves of each trolley, providing load equalization and smooth operation.

Trolley wheels are long wearing alloy cast iron. Wheel treads are machined to provide smoothest possible rolling motion. Steel axles are rigidly supported in the side frame. Steel trolley blocks reinforce the side plates as well as the equalizing pin.