7 1/2 Ton Shaw-Box 700 Series Size 2 Double Reeved Hoists with Motor Driven Trolleys
Unit of Measure


Trolley Speed

N/A 50 fpm

Number of Hoist Rope

N/A 8

Hoist Rope Diameter

N/A 2-5/16 mm

Dimension (C)

N/A 21-1/4

Hoist Motor Power

N/A 7.5 hp

Dimension (AP)

N/A 13-5/8 in

Trolley Motor Power

N/A 0.25 hp2 hp

Estimated Wheel Load

N/A 2389 lb

Dimension (BA)

N/A 27-1/4 in

Hoist Speed

N/A 14 fpm




N/A 7 1/2 US t

Standard Lift

N/A 23 ft

Net Weight

N/A 3758 lb

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A This line offers the greatest range of lifting speeds, controls, headroom and mounting options of any hoists on the market today. 700 Series hoists are available in both electric and air powered models. Options include standard and low headroom, deck and base mounted models, with a choice of single reeving or true vertical lift. The lug is integral with the all-steel, one-piece welded frame, and is designed for stationary mounting from an overheads structure or with any of our trolley options.