Budgit Electric Chain Motor Driven Trolleys
Unit of Measure


Dimension (V)

N/A 3-1/4 in

Standard Width Adjustment

N/A 4 to 6-1/4 in

Optional First Extension Flange Extended Adjustment

N/A 6-3/8 to 8-5/8 in

Optional Second Extension Flange Extended Adjustment

N/A 8-3/4 to 11 in

Trolley Speed

N/A 50 fpm

Optional Standard Speed

N/A 75 fpm100 fpm

Special Speed

N/A 150 fpm

Dimension (AC)

N/A 13-1/2 in

Dimension (BC)

N/A 2-1/8 in

Dimension (U)

N/A 9-1/8 in

Dimension (Z)

N/A 4-7/8 in

Minimum Radius

N/A 5 ft

Maximum Dimension (AF)

N/A 16-13/16 in

Maximum Dimension (AG)

N/A 5-7/8 in

Dimension (AU)

N/A 4-1/2 in

Dimension (AV)

N/A 1-3/8 in

Diameter (G)

N/A 1-1/4 in

Dimension (N)

N/A 6 in




N/A 3 US t

Number of Carriers

N/A 4



  • Traverse motor is 30-minute rated, totally enclosed non-ventilated with class "F" insulation and TAS as standard.
  • Traverse gearing is housed in a heavy duty right angle drive reducer with output pinion meshing with machine cut wheel gears.
  • Trolley controls are housed in a NEMA 1 enclosed panel mounted on the trolley side for easy access. The controls include a reversing contractor, terminal strip and NEMA 4X pendant station with hoist and trolley push-button controls as standard.