Magnetek can furnish custom engineered brakes to meet the unique requirements of your application.

Magnetek engineers can custom design brakes with simple manual brake and release designs, unique torque or dimensional requirements, and brakes that meet specific environmental considerations. Magnetek boasts an extensive library of brake designs developed to meet the dimensional and performance characteristics of other brake manufacturers’ designs. This makes the Mondel product line one of the most comprehensive in the industry — your single source for industrial braking technology.

Custom Engineered
Stainless steel frame hardware & links
Nitride® heat treat corrosion protection
Special mountings
Motor mounted brakes
Manual brakes
Manual release brakes
Special coatings & finishes
Unique torque & dimensional requirements
“Drop-in” designs

Industrial cable reels
Railroad dumper cars
Bridges/heavy moveable structures
Selector/lock dam gates
Any industrial braking application
Unit of Measure