These actuators are electro-hydraulic devices which combine all the basic elements of a hydraulic system into one integral unit, consisting of an electric motor driving a hydraulic pump, piping, working cylinder and piston.

The function of the actuator is to convert electrical energy into a mechanical force hydraulically, producing a smooth straight line thrust, throughout the piston stroke. They are mainly used to release spring-set brakes like the MBT, MST and SDT.

Three types of actuators are available:

AC three phase (Ed type)
AC three phase explosion-proof (EdF type)
DC (Eg type)

Magnetek offers the Ed type of 60 Hz actuator in 208VAC, 230/460VAC and 575VAC three phase versions. Other voltages from 110VAC to 690VAC, 50 Hz versions, explosion proof and DC (220VDC) actuators are available with longer lead times.

Standard Features:
Fast response - 2000 cycles per hour
Long service life with minimum maintenance
Extending forces from 50 lbs. to 900 lbs.
Strokes from 2 to 7.8 inches
Can be stalled at any stroke position without damage.
Operating ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C with standard fluid (other ranges available on request)
Class F insulation
Aluminum housings

Internal compression spring
Externally adjustable, stepless time delays - both directions (S) (H)
Vacuum poured stator windings
Special paint for corrosion protection or easier decontamination
Internal heaters for below -30 Deg. C ambient (110V or 220V)
Explosion proof models available in VDE EEx d II and EEx d I
Cast iron housings for nuclear applications
Unit of Measure