American Crane Can Fullfill All of Your Coating and Coating Inspection Needs

American Crane can utilize its expertise and experience to cost-effectively meet coating requirements.

American Crane's Coating Capabilities
  • Professional applicators with experience applying various coating systems, including epoxy, enamel, and zinc rich formulations
  • Capability to prepare surfaces in accordance with various SSPC Standards, including near white blasting to SSPC-10
  • Specialized sponge blasting surface preparation capabilities
  • Experience preparing surfaces and coating items to the nuclear industry's most stringent technical and quality standards
  • Environmental monitoring capabilities with calibrated instruments
  • Capability to perform coating services at site location
American Crane's Coating Inspection Capabilities
  • Coating inspections by an ACECO certified coating inspector
  • Verification of proper surface preparation, including abrasive blasted surface anchor profiles
  • Verification of proper environmental conditions
  • Verification of dry film thickness using calibrated dry film thickness gages
  • Visual inspection of coated surface finishes
  • Coating inspection reports can be provided
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