In the early 80's American Crane supplied its first remotely operated nuclear radwaste handling crane with automated computer control system and custom grapples. This technology has continued to develop.

These early crane systems were designed with various grapples to handle drums, drum containers, DAW boxes and high integrity containers. Operation of these cranes was performed from either remote or local locations. The crane system also included redundant features in order to ensure maximum crane reliability.

From the early 80's through today, American Crane has enjoyed a strong reputation as a specialty supplier in the remote radwaste storage field. This reputation is further enhanced with our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B / NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program.

American Crane has supplied special purpose cranes and transport trucks to handle weapon grade material in Russia. These cranes were designed to ASME NOG-1 TYPE 1 Single Failure-Proof standards as well as applicable Russian standards.

Similarly American Crane has supplied numerous cranes to the Hanford Site to handle spent nuclear fuel.

American Crane's remote radwaste handling technology continues to evolve providing our customers with the latest designs to assure successful movement of these materials while minimizing ALARA concerns.

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