Push Button Stations
  • Modern ergonomically designed operators push button stations provide simple one hand control and can easily be added to most existing equipment providing up to 3 speeds.
Soft Start
  • Improves equipment safety by minimizing load swing.
  • Soft Start provides adjustable acceleration and deceleration which can be added to most existing bridge and trolley controls, reducing load swing as well as minimizing wear and tear on your equipment.
Radio Controls
  • Improves safety, efficiency and operator satisfaction.
  • Allows freedom of movement for operator.
  • Eliminates hang-up of a wired pendant station.
  • Wide range of transmitters and options.
Adjustable Frequency Drives (Inverters)
  • Provides variable speed control and adjustable acceleration and deceleration. Adjustable frequency controls can be added to all crane motions including the hoist. Frequency drives improve crane handling and extend the life span of many crane components including motors, brakes, gearboxes, and more. Frequency Drives also eliminate the need to maintain expensive contactor tips.
Festoon Systems
  • Replacement of open span wire and sliding shoe conductor system with a modern festoon system increases reliability and decreases maintenance.
OSHA Compliance Inspections and Repairs
  • An inexpensive way to improve safety and insure OSHA Compliance. Common OSHA violations include lack of bumpers and sweep plates, capacity signs and warning labels, bad ropes and load chains, bad hooks, poor electrical systems, poor condition of safety devices.
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