4K Mobilstack
2 Ton Stacker Crane
4,000 LB. High Density Stacker Crane System
Top Running Double Girder with wide flange beams, welded construction
Rolled structural end trucks with guide rollers
Standard up to 28'

Additional Features:
  • Improved productivity using only a single operator
  • User friendly with 4 motion motorized movement
  • Aisle space requirements narrower than required by conventional forklift
  • Precise spotting due to maximum stability at high positions & minimum sway at any elevation
  • Mast mounted flood light for floor illumination
  • On-Board operators safety cage
  • Compatible with numerous forks & carriages and lifting attachments
  • Designed to run directly on top of racking eliminating additional support structures
  • 4000 lb. load capacity is optimum for most typical factory loads
  • Trolley wheels ride within the bridge beams, prohibiting derailment
  • Heavy duty welded mast construction to provide maximum strength & minimum deflection
  • 360° continuous mast rotation
  • 4 Bar Insulated Conductor System provides continuous trouble free power supply
  • User friendly pushbutton operator controls including key locked on/off
  • Variable speed solid state controls provide smooth precise positioning
  • Safety features include 2 hoist brakes, hoist free fall catching mechanism, hoist overweight limit and operator's foot controlled "dead-man" safety switch
  • CMAA, NEC & OSHA Compliant 2 Ton Stacker Crane
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