Prevent Accidents
Avoid Costly OSHA Violations
Decrease Insurance Costs

Your equipment is subject to strict government regulations and OSHA Standards.

View the Requirements Section of the OSHA 1910.179 regarding Overhead and Gantry Cranes.

OSHA compliance inspections identify OSHA violations and provide recommendations to improve equipment safety and decrease costly downtime. American Crane's highly experienced OSHA compliance inspection teams have many years of experience inspecting our own as well as other manufacturers' equipment.

As a highlight, our OSHA Inspections include:
The dismantle and evaluation of your cranes, components, contactors, brakes, etc.

We perform a visual inspection of your hoist drum, trolley rails, girders, wheels end trucks, upper sheave nest, lower block, bumpers end stops and keyway to line shaft connection.We measure your wire rope and hook tram.

All of the above information is recorded and your crane is then completely lubricated and all fluid levels are checked.

We also provide a full range of follow-up services including repairs, rebuilds and modifications.

Our Service department serves not only the local Philadelphia and Southeastern PA regions but the entire United States and can provide service outside of the US depending on the project.