Our bridge travelers use SAFTRACK™ technology to provide safe and reliable access to inspect and maintain the underside of bridges, eliminating inconvenient lane closures.

SAFTRACK® Technology:
  • Allows operation on flexible runway
  • Provides a custom solution using standard crane components
  • Allows operation on uneven and out of alignment runways
  • Anti-skew prevents skewing on flexible bridges
  • Controls each traveler drive independently
  • Provides controlled acceleration and deceleration of the traveler
  • Uses American Crane developed control software
  • Uses field proven components
User Friendly Operation and Reliability:
  • Fully caged work platforms
  • Non-slip operator platforms
  • On-board man lifts improve accessibility
  • OSHA compliant design
  • Redundant "Drop Capture System" prevents traveler separation from bridge
  • System diagnostics assures limited down time
  • User friendly portable operator controls
American Crane Offers:
  • Custom design and fabrication
  • In-house comprehensive program Quality Assurance
  • Fully assembled and completely tested equipment prior to shipment
  • Over 40 years of crane experience meeting CMAA duty cycle requirements for customer applications