Power drive for push-type hoists and underhung crane bridges. BUDGIT® tractor drives deliver greater productivity with existing push-type underhung crane bridges or push-type monorail hoists with motor-driven travel. Designed for capacities up to 5 tons, BUDGIT® Tractor Drives are easy to install without removing or disturbing existing equipment. Underhung Crane Bridges Designed to accommodate any make unit, twin tractor units of the same design as the single unit tractor can be used to convert push-type crane bridges to electric drive. The twin unit synchronized BUDGIT® Tractor Drives are wired to a universal electrical control panel located on the master tractor to provide simultaneous operation. For monorail trolley suspended hoists This single, powerful, electrically motorized tractor provides fast horizontal travel while minimizing worker fatigue. A squirrel cage electric motor with torque multiplied by heavy-duty gear reducer drives a urethane drive wheel. The drive wheel engages the underside of the monorail track, providing positive power drive.