Magnetek's motor mounted brakes offer an easy alternative for brake integration

Magnetek's new motor mounted brakes feature the brake already mounted on the opposite drive end (ODE) of the motor, which saves time and eliminates brake mounting labor. Crane builders often buy shoe brakes, brake wheels and motors as separate items, then integrate them into their designs by building separate mounting bases for the motor and the brake. The motor and brake then need to be carefully aligned (usually with shims) to work properly.

Obtaining the motor with a brake package factory mounted simplifies crane design and saves shop time. With the brake mounted, the motor simply needs to be bolted in place and its shaft coupled to the gearbox input shaft. To use this approach, motors with a C-Face and tapered shaft on the ODE are supplied. This allows the brake support to be bolted to the motor's machined flange, ensuring precise location of the brake. Normally, brakes mounted to the motor will be in the 4- to 13-inch wheel diameter size range.

Eliminates brake pedestal
Eliminates alignment issues
Purchased as a pre-assembled "package"
Installs as a complete assembly
Saves time and labor costs