Chester Tractor Drives deliver greater productivity with existing push-type underhung crane bridges or push-type monorail hoists by offering motorized travel. Designed for capacities up to 5 tons, Chester Tractor Drives are easy to install without removing or disturbing existing equipment.

For underhung crane bridges the Tractor is designed to accommodate any make of crane on various tracks. Twin Tractor units can be used to convert push-type cranes to motorized drive. The twin Tractor drives are wired into a single control panel located on one of the Tractors to provide simultaneous operation.

For monorail trolley suspended hoists, the single, powerful motorized Tractor provides fast horizontal travel while minimizing worker fatigue. A squirrel cage electric motor and heavy-duty worm gear reducer drives a urethane drive wheel. The drive wheel engages the underside of the track, providing positive travel.

Units are available for a variety of capacities, speeds and runway beams. Units are available with standard controls for single or dual operation, without controls or with customized controls. Other options include, two speed, variable speed, soft starts, motor brakes, various voltages and control options. Please consult our experts with your specific application.
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Product Code


Hoist Speed (FPM)


$2,493.48 N/A 35 N/A 1 t
$2,493.48 N/A 55 N/A 1 t
$2,493.48 N/A 70 N/A 1 t
$2,493.48 N/A 105 N/A 1 t
$2,493.48 N/A 35 N/A 1-1/2 t
$2,493.48 N/A 55 N/A 1-1/2 t
$2,493.48 N/A 70 N/A 1-1/2 t
$2,493.48 N/A 105 N/A 1-1/2 t
$2,493.48 N/A 35 N/A 2.5 t
$2,493.48 N/A 55 N/A 2.5 t
$2,493.48 N/A 70 N/A 2.5 t
$2,493.48 N/A 35 N/A 3 t
$2,493.48 N/A 55 N/A 3 t
$2,493.48 N/A 35 N/A 5 t
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