American Crane and Equipment offers Nuclear Plant Crane and Hoist upgrades for our Equipment OR Other OEMs.

As nuclear power plants reach 30 or more years of life, serious consideration must be given to the upgrade of lifting equipment. Plant life extension and increased crane operational efficiencies provide the ROI justification.

Crane upgrade advantages include:
  • Safer and more precise crane controls
  • Incorporation of modern technology
  • Decrease in maintenance and downtime costs
  • More reliable operation during required critical lifts
American Crane can cost effectively provide key crane electrical and mechanical upgrades including:
  • New hoist flux vector and bridge/trolley frequency drive systems with variable speed controls
  • New bridge, trolley, and hoist motors
  • Radio control systems and new cab/pendant controls
  • American Crane's state-of-the-art hoist drive train diagnostics
  • PLC controls
  • New electrical panels
  • Replacement of power and control wiring
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Zone boundary limit protection
  • Upgraded brakes
  • New limit switches and load cells
  • New festoon systems
  • New runway conductor bar systems
Key advantages to using American Crane include:
  • In-house engineering staff to design upgrades
  • In-house shop fabrication capabilities
  • Installation technicians with nuclear plant experience
  • Crane testing experience at nuclear plants
  • 10CFR50, App. B Quality Program available
  • Fully staffed Parts and Service Departments
American Crane and Equipment Corporation has considerable experience with the design, fabrication, licensing, installation and management necessary for upgrading your material handling equipment. We have performed numerous cask handling crane upgrades to incorporate single failure-proof hoists. These upgrades were completed in strict accordance with NUREG 0554 and 0612 and have been reviewed and approved by the NRC. Included with the typical upgrade is a complete electrical control replacement to incorporate variable frequency drive technology.

Our company has a wide variety of past experience including the design, manufacture and installation of specialized nuclear crane systems in accordance with stringent nuclear quality requirements, including ASME/ANSI NQA-1; 10CFR50, appendix B; ASME NOG-1, Type 1; NUREG 0612 and NUREG 0554. Although our company designs and manufactures cranes to handle many different types of products, our approach to quality remains consistent, regardless of the product we are handling.

Our experience ranges from mechanical components, electrical components, structural repair, complete new control upgrade, new single failure-proof trolley including installation.You can count on American Crane to bring your equipment into compliance with all of the latest codes and standards.