Our Single Failure Proof Trolley Rental offers an economical alternative to the purchase of a new trolley. This 125 Ton Single Failure Proof NUREG 0554 Compliant Trolley is perfect for cask handling applications used in decommissioning projects as well as other applications.

The trolley features an adjustable trolley gauge to allow it to operate on crane bridges with spans between 14 feet and 17 feet. The trolley is electrically self-contained requiring only a 480 volt 3 phase supply. Operation of the trolley is via radio control to provide operator maximum flexibility.

  • Maximum Critical Load (MCL): 125 Tons
  • Design Rated Load (DRL): 125 Tons
  • Design Basis: NUREG 0554
  • Hoist Lift: 70'
  • Hoist Speed: 4.5 FPM 5 Speed
  • Stepped Critical Load (programmable)
  • Trolley Speed: 40 FPM 5 Speed Stepped (programmable)
  • Power Supply: 460-3-60AC (125 AMPS)
  • Minimum Trolley Gauge: 14'-0"
  • Maximum Trolley Gauge: 17'-0"
  • Trolley Height: 5'-6"
  • Auxiliary Hoist: Available
  • Testing: Prior to Shipment
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