Magnetek Material Handling's IMPULSE
  • Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostics System (WDS) is a Windows-based, interactive drive software and hardware package that enhances productivity by allowing you to efficiently program, monitor and troubleshoot multiple drives from a remote location.
  • Link 4.1 WDS is your wireless network to bridge the gap between your facility's IMPULSE or OmniPulse drives and ethernet network.
Keep Your System Up and Running Advanced diagnostics provide critical information to keep your system up and running. Whether you have a single crane or multiple cranes in difficult to access locations

  • Link 4.1 WDS allows you easy access for monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Link 4.1 WDS Allows you to:
Monitor drive parameters and drive status
Upload/download drive parameters
Save and e-mail parameter files, modified constants and DataLogger files for troubleshooting assistance
Modify parameter settings and create new parameter files
Reset faults remotely
View and print detailed or compact drive parameters
Copy and paste information
Display Help screens
Compare drive parameter (PAR) files
Log fault, alarm and run events from multiple drives (via DataLogger)
Monitor multiple drives at one time
Custom default drive settings
Troubleshoot from a remote location (office, plant floor, or another location)-anytime-day or night, 24/7. No need to climb up on the crane to diagnose and reset a fault.

  • Link 4.1 WDS Includes:
Wireless modem base unit Wireless modem remote unit

  • Link 4.1 WDS Software & Hardware Key
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Product Code




142-10266 N/A IMPULSE Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostic Ethernet Base Unit (120VAC Supply) $3,495.00 N/A new
144-12386 N/A IMPULSE Link 4.1 Software with hardware key $1,500.00 N/A new
142-10267 N/A IMPULSE Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostic Ethernet Remote Unit (90-350VDC Supply) $2,995.00 N/A new
142-10500 N/A IMPULSE Link 4.2 Wireless Diagnostic Ethernet Remote Unit (90-350VDC Supply) $3,165.00 N/A new
140-10325 N/A Remote Antenna Mounting Kit $195.00 N/A new
140-10261 N/A CMG5M $295.00 N/A new
144-12545 N/A RS-232 to RS-485 Converter Kit $480.00 N/A new
144-12542 N/A Din Rail Power supply for RS-232 ro RS-485 Converter $160.00 N/A new
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