Outages require the performance of services by knowledgeable, skilled personnel. Delays of even one day can result in utility costs of up to one million dollars. The performance of cranes and hoists are typically critical in assuring the outage success. In many cases outages are the only time corrective and preventive maintenance as well as inspections can be performed.

American Crane has extensive experience providing crane and hoist outage support services. Outage support can be provided to nuclear power plants, fossil power plants, chemical processing plants, and DOE sites.

Key American Crane Outage Support Capabilities:
  • Extensive experience supporting nuclear power plants during planned and unplanned outages
  • Familiarity with nuclear site work management and quality program requirements
  • Maintenance and inspection work performed by dedicated, skilled technicians familiar with all manufacturers' cranes
  • Availability of experienced crane outage supervisors to plan and lead outage activities
  • Many service technicians with previous nuclear training and access badging
  • Ability to provide around the clock service technician support or on-call support
  • Ability to perform site performance and load tests, including providing calibrated test weights
  • Implementation of new equipment modifications
  • Experience performing electrical and instrumentation upgrades during short outage windows
  • Outage support service reports can be provided
  • Access to American Crane's parts department for expeditious delivery of required replacement parts Availability of engineering support services to quickly resolve unanticipated technical issues
  • Consulting services
  • References are available on American Crane's previous outage support projects
  • Availability of large fabrication shop & electric panel shop