The Safest Way to Handle Spent Fuel Casks & Canisters

Minimize your Seismic Risk during the Dry Spent Fuel Transfer Process. The SAFLIFT® Cask/Canister Lift System is designed to safely transport loaded transfer casks and canisters from the pool area to the canister transfer area (typically a truck or railroad bay) with the SAFLIFT® Strongback lower block. Once the transfer cask and canister have been placed on top of the concrete cask, the SAFLIFT® System provides seismic stability to the stacked casks by supporting the load with the the SAFLIFT® Strongback lower block. This eliminates the problems and costs associated with building based tie-down of the stacked casks.

An added benefit is the fact that SAFLIFT® can hold the transfer cask thereby eliminating the transfer cask weight from the floor loading calculation. The SAFLIFT®, unlike any previously developed system, has the unique capability to remotely lower the canister (using the canister hoist and grab) from the transfer cask to the concrete cask while the strongback/lower block provides seismic stability. All these tasks are completed using a single failure-proof lifting system consistent with the requirements contained in NUREG 0554 and 0612.

American Crane's SAFLIFT® Strongback Canister Hoist System provides a safe and convenient way to safely handle spent fuel casks and canisters. The SAFLIFT® System is designed to work in conjunction with a new single failure-proof crane system. Key advantages of the SAFLIFT® system are as follows:

  • Safest way to move Spent Fuel casks
  • Safest way to transfer Spent Fuel canisters
  • Greatly reduced transfer time from fuel pool to concrete cask as SAFLIFT® automates the transfer process
  • Designed to work with either the numerous vertical cask system
  • No modification necessary to vertical cask systems
  • Remote operators control significantly reduces ALARA concerns
  • Eliminate seismic stack-up stability concerns
  • All equipment designed in accordance with applicable NUREG and ANSI requirements
  • Greatly improves safety over existing lifting systems
  • Easily transportable to multiple units
  • Easily configured for use with existing cask handling crane
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